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peter lagus
26-Sep-2013, 19:00

I am stumped. I previously posted regarding a recessed lens board for the 65mm lens. I tried a Chinese copy of the Linhof 1015 recessed lensboard. Even with a flex adapter I couldn't get the lens to trigger since it was a really tight fit into the recess.

In my prior post someone suggested just using a flat lens board and looking at the Ebony website for instructions on how to focus a 65mm lens.

I looked at the pictures on their website, but for the life of me I couldn't understand how to proceed. I have an Ebony wide angle bellows which theoretically should allow me to focus the lens. When I mount it, I have to raise both the front and rear standards to get close to focus. But I still can't quite get true focus. The Ebony catalog mentions tilting the front standard and rear standard but from their photos I can't tell what is tilted, in what direction any tilt occurs and by how much.

Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Former Member 27732
26-Sep-2013, 20:05
I have a grandagon 65mm and even though it's in a recessed board, it still requires the front standard to be "folded" back to get focus at infinity.You also have to use some "dropbed" to keep the base from appearing in the shot. I have a picture of the camera in this position which I'll attach later, if it helps.

peter lagus
27-Sep-2013, 08:38

ANY info would be a great help so a photo wold be helpful. Thanks


Former Member 27732
27-Sep-2013, 17:43
Sorry Peter, got distracted with a PayPal problem....but that's another story.
Excuse my earlier attempt to describe what is really a very simple solution. The only issues I have with this arrangement is the ends of the front standard digging into the bellows, but this can be minimized by adjusting the amount of tilt you use. Using the standard bellows works but if I need more movements I use the bag bellows.

peter lagus
29-Sep-2013, 09:55
Thanks Frank. This does help.