View Full Version : What happened to the Badger Brand 4X5 wooden field camera?

Gem Singer
5-Aug-2004, 10:46
I just noticed that the new Badger Brand 4X5 wooden field camera no longer appears on the www.badgergraphic.com website. Both of the Badger Brand metal monorails are still available. Anyone know what happened to the wooden field camera?

Herb Cunningham
6-Aug-2004, 13:45
Jeff at Badger tells me that they are reworking the design and should be out with a newer version soon.

Brian Ellis
7-Aug-2004, 07:54
It would be interesting to know why they're reworking the design. A patent infringement or similar problem maybe? I know nothing about patents or similar protections given in countries outside the U.S. but it's always seemed odd to me that a company like Shen Hao could basically duplicate the design of another company's camera and sell it without legal problems.