View Full Version : Tripod for 9x12 camera, manfrotto befree?

Łukasz Owsianka
25-Sep-2013, 12:55

I would like to buy a tripod for a maximar 9x12 camera. I am thinking about manfrotto befree - it's cheap and small.

Maybe somebody had it in hand and could say something about it.

I've got couple of tripods but they are big and heavy or for studio work.

Maximar camera is smaller and lighter then a pro dslr with grip. It is my small reporter camera.
I carry it all the time with me - but now I need a tripod for it.

It has to be a light and small tripod, will manfrotto do the job?

Or maybe you can advice me someting else.



Jim Noel
25-Sep-2013, 18:30
"It has to be a light and small tripod, will manfrotto do the job?"
I would not trust it.

26-Sep-2013, 01:00
Personally I'd find a vintage German tripod to go with the camera, I see them at Flea markets for next to nothing.

You don't say where you're based but look at the Slick Sprint Pro II, mine came with a ball head, it's small, light and fits inside my small backpack. I use it with my Super Graphic, Wista or 617 camera when I'm travelling light or were tripods aren't usually permitted.

Calumet (US & EU) sell the same tripod under their own name quite a lot cheaper and with a pan/tilt head (I got a good deal on my Slik which matched).


26-Sep-2013, 03:27
If you want it really small and you may compromise on its height (83 cm w/out head and centre column) - try Magic series by Cullmann. Or their Magnesit series (don't be misled by this name, they have both metal and carbon legs to choose from) if you're looking for something rather full-size. Cullmanns advantage is great warranty and post-warranty (yet sometimes free) support.

26-May-2014, 03:04
I find this video pretty good for jib and tripod stand...These guys are using 100mm tripod stand which I am actually planning to buy....

Good video to watch....


26-May-2014, 06:19
I've got couple of tripods but they are big and heavy or for studio work.

Quite by accident I found a folding studio tripod dolly similar to this one (http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41edbHWnLrL._SX300_.jpg). It can handle almost any tripod so that you can still use your favorite. Used, they are usually less expensive than a tripod. It I hope you have the same good luck.

26-May-2014, 07:25
I hadn't noticed the Manfrotto Befree. It looks like it would do the job fine. For my portable tripod I'm using an ancient version of the 055, I think it was a 3021? It's simpler than the current one, lighter, and I've been thinking of taking the legs apart and abbreviating about 6" from each, which would turn it into something very similar to the Befree. I never use even 2/3 of the height it offers, and it's fine for my Graphic View II, so I don't know why something like the Befree wouldn't work for your much lighter camera. If you want height, it sounds like you have other tripods for that.

Another possibility I've been looking at is lightweight tripods on Ebay that sell in the $80 range. The Befree isn't really very light, but those are. They won't take as much weight as the Befree specs, though. I guess the real question is how much your camera weighs. Any tripod is much more OK if you don't put up the center column. Even something like this might be nice, and it's really light: Newest Q-666C Portable Carbon Tripod Monopod Kit & Ball Head Compact Travel on Ebay.

26-May-2014, 09:20
Great camera! I have one from 1928, and even the bellows are in good shape. A real pleasure to use (but it badly needs a modern ground glass and Fresnel).