View Full Version : Approx Year for Dallmeyer - US Customs getting aggressive

24-Sep-2013, 15:12
Hi All,

I recently purchased 2 lenses from Europe and for the first time ever I've been levied with duty and tax. I've never had the issue before so it's a bit strange that in the space of a week I've been hit twice...

Anyhow, for one lens the date is inscribed so I can easily prove it is over 100 years old (no import duty is due on antiques over 100 years old). The second lens is a Dallmeyer in the 34,800 range (can't be more specific, don't have it to hand). Can someone give me an approximate date for this lens' manufacture? Doesn't have to be exact, even if I could state that a lens in the 55,000s was older than 100 years I think that would suffice.



Steven Tribe
24-Sep-2013, 15:34
You are safe.
Just before 1890!

24-Sep-2013, 15:35
Great, thank you very much!