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5-Aug-2004, 03:28
I am cleaning out attic of parents found huge telephoto lens - "Telmegaer 4.5/300 Meyer-Optik Gorlitz 2624468" It is about 11 inches long and almost 4 Inches in diameter

Does any one know its VALUE in US dollars??? It is in case with caps and in very fine condition

Thank you

Darin Cozine
5-Aug-2004, 10:37
probably not a LF lens. These usually came with a pentax/praktica screw mount. They are inexpensive. You can search ebay for current prices.

Dan Fromm
5-Aug-2004, 11:48
If it really is f/4.5 it could well be in Pentacon 6 mount. By the serial number, probably made in the early '60s. If so, still not large format, for nominal 6x6 (also called 2 1/4" x 2 1/4").

I don't know where you are, best to have someone look at it to see which mount it is in. In the '60s a fair number of TeleMegors in Exakta mount were imported and they show up fairly often on eBay.

Either way its hard to estimate market price. As Darin suggested, look on eBay, also on eBay Deutschland, for auctions that have finished.

Good luck,


Arne Croell
5-Aug-2004, 12:53
I agree that this is most likely an Exacta or Pentacon 6 lens, not large format. Meyer-Optik (formerly Hugo Meyer) did make one Tele-Megor for LF shortly after the war (continuation of a prewar model) but this was the 400mm f/5.5 model; the large format version is easily distinguished by the shutter (Compound 3?) it comes in.