View Full Version : 105mm 5.6 Schneider Kreuznach symmar Sharp?

4-Aug-2004, 20:36
I recently acquired the above lens & would like to know if it is a better quality than my Xenar (on a century graphic). So I can sell one or the other. Thanks, fotofred@verizon.net

Ernest Purdum
4-Aug-2004, 20:55
Both are good-quality lenses. I doubt if you would see any significant difference in sharpness. The basic difference is that the Symmar gives somewhat more coverage for a given focal length, and the Xenar provides a somewhat larger aperture. Which would be better for you depends on the size of your format and the focal length of the Xenar.

David A. Goldfarb
5-Aug-2004, 06:30
The Symmar will be sharper out to the edges of the image circle--definitely a step up in my opinion. If the Xenar is a 4.5 (I don't recall which is the maximum f:stop in that focal length--probably 4.5 or 3.5), I'd sell it and keep the Symmar. If the Xenar is a 3.5, and you can use it with the rangefinder, I'd hang on to both, since a faster lens is convenient for handheld use, and one doesn't usually use movements with the rangefinder, so the larger image circle of the Symmar isn't as much of an advantage for that particular application.

One other consideration if you use the rangefinder--if the Xenar is in a self-cocking press shutter and the Symmar is not, that's another reason to hang on to both and use the Xenar for handheld photography.