View Full Version : Any reflex viewer for 5x7

4-Aug-2004, 09:24
Are there any binocular reflex viewers that have been made for the 5x7 format ??


Michael Kadillak
4-Aug-2004, 09:48
The only ones that I have seen for sale once in a while in the 5x7 format have been the Linhof reflex viewers.

Bob Salomon
4-Aug-2004, 10:07
"5x7 format have been the Linhof reflex viewers"

Linhof makes a monocular reflex viewer. Cat. No. 002507 it is a currently made item.

4-Aug-2004, 10:10

Thanks for your reply,

I presume this is the monocular version

What is list price and how can I order one. I live in Calif.

Feel free to email me direct at jesskramer@aol.com


Bob Salomon
4-Aug-2004, 12:02
You can order one from any camera store. You would also need a fresnel. If you do not have a Linhof I do not know how you would attach it as it fits into 2 small holes on the bottom lower edge of the ground glass frame and locks in place on to a stud on the top center of the gg frame. Only Linhof uses this system of mounting accessories and the size of other companies gg frame may be longer, shorter, narrower or wider then Linhof's. Any of those conditions would make mounting it quite a chore.