View Full Version : Anyone using the Rodenstock 150mm f4.5 Ysarex?

Vick Ko
21-Sep-2013, 10:58
Anyone using the Rodenstock 150mm f4.5 Ysarex? What are your opinions in regards to performance, and specifications?

Google isn't turning up much.


21-Sep-2013, 16:04
I seem to remember those lenses were often used by Polaroid in their MP-4 copy cameras. (?)

If so, they should be nice to use as a general purpose lens.

Do you own one or are you thinking of buying one? If you already own it, isn't the best thing to do is to take some photographs with it to see if you like the results. If not, sell it.

Somewhere around here I have a Ysarex lens unused in a box. It came with several other lenses that I bought as a group from an eBay seller "As Is". Only when it arrived did I realize the cable release connector had been broken off. :( So I have never used it.

Dan Fromm
21-Sep-2013, 16:57
Terry, some Polaroid folders used 127/4.7 Ysarexes. These lenses get generally good comments.

The MP-3 used Ysarons. These were Ysarexes (general purpose tessar type taking lenses) tweaked to be best at near distances. No one has ever accused lens makers of making it easy to understand what their products are.

I b'lieve that the Ysarex Vick asked about was originally offered as a "long normal" lens for the 2x3 (and smaller formats down to 6x6) Graflex XL. See http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/graflex_19.html

Vick Ko
22-Sep-2013, 05:40
Thanks all. My lens came with a Crown Graphic, and with a cam, so I figure it was its 4x5 "normal" lens.

22-Sep-2013, 11:36
Do you like the quality of the images that you create with it?