View Full Version : Linhof Tech III Back Removal

21-Sep-2013, 08:33
Does any one know how to remove the rotating back on one of these? I can see some discs (?) with screws in them when I rotate it, but didn't want to try until I knew. You can't pull the posts out since the bellows are fastened to that part ofbthe back. I've got a B&J 5x7 back that I want to use to replace the old-style, single-sheet filmholder type that is currently installed. Thanks for any input.

Bob Salomon
21-Sep-2013, 09:26
Why? A &J back won't fir a Linhof. And, if it did, and you want to use the rangefinder the cams would be way off.

Basically you rotate the back 45 and slide the holders in each corner up to remove the back.

21-Sep-2013, 11:30
Are you sure it is not a Tech II?

21-Sep-2013, 14:57
Might be. I'm not sure.

21-Sep-2013, 15:02
Thanks, Bob. If I can remove the rotating back, I can drill & countersink holes to take the screws that hold the non-rotating section to the adjustable posts thru the B&J back & I'll have a back that takes standard 5x7 holders instead of the odd 13x18 single-sided holders it takes now.