View Full Version : Moersch SE7 BROMOIL Has anyone used it?

Doug Webb
20-Sep-2013, 13:31
I assume Moersch SE7 BROMOIL is a paper developer (or is it a toner?). Has anyone used it? I have seen the examples on the Moersch site. I would like to hear about results with prints and if possible to see a scan of a print. Freestyle doesn't list it, so I assume users have purchased it elsewhere, possibly directly from Moersch?
Doug Webb

21-Sep-2013, 12:24
I suppose you mean this developer:

It's sold as a print (paper) developer. One liter concentrate is good for 8 to 12 liters of working solution: 250 sheets of 24x30 cm (= 9.5" x 11.9")

I found this description:
"Langsam arbeitender Entwickler für neutrale bis braune Bildtöne. Produziert bei einer Verdünnung von 1+10 mit SELECT SEPIA VC bei zwei Minuten Entwicklungszeit einen warmbraunen Bildton. Erst bei einer Verlängerung der Entwicklungszeit auf drei Minuten wird die Maximalschwärzung erreicht. Der Bildton verändert sich dabei zu einem kühlen Braunschwarz."

Roughly translated: Slow working developer for neutral to brown image tone. Delivers a warm brown tone when diluted 1+2 with SELECT SEPIA VC at a developing time of two minutes. Not until the developing time is extended up to three minutes a maximum black will be reached. The image tone will then change into a cool brown-black.

I hope this helps.