View Full Version : BACK of the camera wont close properly, help

20-Sep-2013, 10:26
Back of my sinar is supposed to close flush left. I have no idea what going on, but now I cannot load film. any ideas? thanks:


20-Sep-2013, 15:52
Looks like the Graflock bars have slid closed and are catching the back mechanism. Try pushing them out of the way.

20-Sep-2013, 19:52
Jack, thanks, I'm a newbie, this is Sinar btw. Don't know even what Graflock bars refer to and where to push, so unless you can make a quick video, maybe I can PM you?

21-Sep-2013, 00:41
Just look closely. Surely you will find Part A interfering with Tab B.

All seriousness aside, Graflok bars are along the top and bottom edges of the film back. They slide to grip optional film devices such as roll film holders and Polaroid backs. When not in use gripping something they should be slide along their tracks to a neutral position. Usually they are two long thick bars of chromed flat metal with a bit sticking up on one end that allows you to push on it.

Sorry, I can't help more, I own Cambo cameras, not Sinar.

Tracy Storer
21-Sep-2013, 11:41
It's a little hard to tell from your photo,
1. is the ground glass even attached?
2. Are the silver parts with the hooked ends stuck in that "distended" position? If so, you have a small problem I used to see with Cambo cameras when newbies pulled the GG frame too far away from the body of the camera and the spring that holds the hooked parts pops out of place.

Answering these two questions will help us help you.

Jim Andrada
22-Sep-2013, 21:38
What Tracy said.

But from your photo it does look like the large silvery rectangular piece of metal (that's cut away so the sprung arms can slip through and engage) at the right side of the back as it appears in the photo is sticking out (to the left in the photo) so the back is hitting it and won't close. That would be what's being referred to as the Graflock bar, although being a Linhof person I'm not sure the Sinar even has such bars. Most cameras do so you can take off the ground glass frame and slip in some other holder like a roll film or Polaroid holder.

A few photos from different angles would also be helpful in diagnosing the problem.

23-Sep-2013, 11:48
Here are some more images, thanks!


Tracy Storer
24-Sep-2013, 19:21
Why not add your location to your profile? Then someone who lives nearby can help you.

25-Sep-2013, 03:09
I am no expert, but perhaps the black bar below the silver bar is moved to much, maybe if you can get assistance, one person can hold the back, while the other one tries to move the black bar. Or alternatively you can try to push back/in the silver bar at the serrated part, and remove the back completely.

Good luck,



25-Sep-2013, 03:56
It might be clipped on backwards. Try removing the ground glass part, then flip it around 180 degrees.

Couldn't hoit!

25-Sep-2013, 05:27
I believe your camera has a F2 style back - the levers open and close the back. What happens when you rotate the levers down (to the right in the middle 2 photos)? I believe the lever mechanism is holding the back open. However, looking in my Sinar manuals, the back should open at the opposite end from the levers. I'm also not certain that the Graflok part is clipped in correctly. None of the photos in my Sinar manuals have enough detail to help, though. I a couple of F1 cameras, which have a different style opening mechanism on the back. Maybe you should ask who you bought the camera from?

Greg Davis
25-Sep-2013, 07:12
Looking at your photos, then looking at my identical camera, it looks like the black bars that connect to the flip levers are in the wrong direction. The levers have small pinion gears on the ends that connect to a geared rack, which then rotates the black arms inside with another pinion gear. Yours are rotated far too much to the left and now won't lay flat. You need to disconnect the back from the camera by pushing on the silver springs to get the hooks loose from the pins on the camera. Then you should be able to get the black arms back where they should be, which is laying flat to the right when the flip levers are also flat to the right.

25-Sep-2013, 11:33
Got help from Jim via phone, problem solved, I know know how to remove the back.

ONE thing I still wanted / need help on is how to remove the full contraption and flip that back to vertical. Probably would require a short video from someone with the same exact camera. appreciate all the great help here. thanks!

Tracy Storer
25-Sep-2013, 11:41
Glad you got it sorted, it definitely looked like something hinky was going on !

25-Sep-2013, 13:51
Reorienting the back is easy - hold the back and raise the flip lever at the top left of the frame. The back assembly will come off in you hand. You can turn it 90 degrees, reinsert it and close the lever. It's like the lens board and bellows attachments.

25-Sep-2013, 14:59
Tried that lim, did not work for me, a video would probably do the trick, text does not seem to fly.

31-Dec-2013, 10:39
Hi kevs-2323668
Can you share ur solution ? Last night my sinar came up with the same problem. Would love to know what you did to fix, figure it's something simple that is escaping me