View Full Version : Graflok Back ANSI Standards - Where to find?

Kevin Kemner
3-Aug-2004, 09:10
Hi Everyone,

I was hoping someone could help me find the ANSI standards for Graflok backs in both 6x9 and 4x5 formats. I'm still bitten by the build your own bug and with access to CnC milling technology I'm eager try a pancake style camera to extend the uses for my LF gear. Look Out Alpa! Oh, not to let you think I'm leaving the world of sheet film my project after this is 12x20. Anyone have thoughts about focus mount design? I've taken a couple apart and have been doing some reverse engineering but am still away's away.


3-Aug-2004, 09:51

Sal Santamaura
3-Aug-2004, 10:25
The table in William's link contains an error. The row labeled "Depth to film surface" gives ANSI's "T" distance, which is depth to the septum. Thickness of the film must be subtracted from "T" to know depth to the emulsion.

Ralph Barker
3-Aug-2004, 13:07
I could easily be wrong, Kevin, but I suspect you won't find an ANSI standard for the Graflok back itself (the design held in place with slider bars), as (I believe) it was essentially a proprietary design of Graflex. Other manufacturers (Linhof, Toyo, etc.) have used the design, however, presumably under license. At least there's no listing for it on the ANSI site (http://www.ansi.org/). Thus, you may need to take precise measurements off an actual camera and back.