View Full Version : Using a 90mm on Technika 5x7

Paul Schilliger
3-Aug-2004, 01:08
How do you focus a 90mm on the Tech IV 5x7? Actually, it should seem pretty straightforward, simply drop the bed and focus by moving the front standard inside the camera by hand. It is precise enough to adjust the focus. Problem is it doesn't hold in place when in that position. It is loose on the rail and cocking the shutter or simply the push of the bellows can produce a focus shift. A wide-angle adjustable board would not help as it is the standard that moves, and then the lens would not go on the 4x5 camera. Perhaps it is not normal that the front standard doesn't hold it's grip on the inner bed?

J. P. Mose
3-Aug-2004, 04:53

There was an accessory wide angle focusing device for the 5x7. They show up on Ebay from time to time. For now, perhaps you could lock the front standard and attempt to focus by pulling out the rear bellows and adjust it back and forth.

I know the Technika V version has an additional track in the body (like on a Crown and Speed Graphic) with a focusing knob on the side of the camera.

JP Mose

Matt Brain
3-Aug-2004, 06:02
Hi Paul,

Look at the bottom of the standard - if it has an eccentric nut with a screw in the middle like on the IVs,Vs etc. This controls how well the standard grips the rails, by loosening the screw in the middle, the nut can be turned to a postion so the rails grip tighter, the screw can then be tightened again.. A whilst ago, I carefully serviced my whole front standard on a IV. It is not complicated if you take it apart carefully, the only scary bit is carefully removing the bellows as after the screws inside the front it can still stick but it is meant to come off.

After the service, it worked a lot better - amazing how much gunk builds up in it.

Good luck

Paul Schilliger
3-Aug-2004, 06:32
Matt, you have my answer! I will service the front standard and adjust the eccentric. Thanks!

Ole Tjugen
4-Aug-2004, 05:55
I managed to focus my 90mm/f:8 Super-Angulon by placing it to the very rear of the rails (the front rails), then dropping the bed and pushing the rails back into the housing. It was vey tight, but worked just fine.

My camera's a 5x7" Technika III, by the way.

Paul Schilliger
4-Aug-2004, 05:59
Ole, but then you have to tilt the front standard back and rise the lens. Is that what you did?

Ole Tjugen
7-Aug-2004, 07:58
Paul, that's correct - or almost. When the rail is pushed back it also gets pushed up, so that I ended up having to use a touch of fall instead of rise! The bed needs to be dropped to get it out of the picture - and will be well inside the image area in vertical format!