View Full Version : Sinar F1

Simon Benton
18-Sep-2013, 10:03
I am looking for a 4X5 mono rail with bag bellows (and short rail) and I am thinking of the F1. I have a couple of Sinar Copal shutters and I would be using 75mm and 90mm wide angle lenses as well as some barrel lenses. A question I have is does the standard F1 camera back take roll film backs (Graflex "Graphic" or 6X12 Dayi) that are normally mounted using Graflok type backs.
Any info gratefully received.

Drew Wiley
18-Sep-2013, 10:34
All the 4x5 Sinars take Graflok style backs. But the 4x5 F1 front standard is certainly mechanically inferior to the F2 standard. It is less durable and has only one lock
in common for both shift and swings, not independently. But that's a minor issue if it's still in decent shape. The bag bellows will work with any of them; but there were even two different versions of these - either one should work for 75 or 90mm use.