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18-Sep-2013, 04:38
Hello all,
Does anybody can resolve this mistery adapter/Polaroid Land pack for me?
For what camera and what means those numbers on plate?

18-Sep-2013, 04:38
Few more pics.

18-Sep-2013, 04:39
And last one.

18-Sep-2013, 04:50

Given that this does not make use of the full film area in spite of having a much bigger attachment than any medium format camera, its origins probably are not photographic, but from some piece of lab or medical equipment.

It might have used some standard attachment size or even a recording camera from one of the regular view camera makers. There have been plenty of view cameras with square back attachment - most common would be Sinar/Horseman/Arca 140 (nominally 14cm square, usually 139mm), but skgrimes list many more (http://www.skgrimes.com/products/lens-boards).

18-Sep-2013, 04:53
Dimensions of board is 14,5 x 14,5cm.
Dimension of taken format is 8 x 8cm.
Probably for some medical equipment.

Vincent Pidone
18-Sep-2013, 17:46
I've seen these (or similar) in a surplus shop that sells industrial castoffs.

I believe it came from an oscilloscope camera.

Struan Gray
19-Sep-2013, 00:33
I've *used* one. (Feeling old now).

It's for recording oscilloscope traces with an oscilloscope camera. The notches allow you to record several traces on the same piece of film - each trace is offset from the last by a constant amount, so you can keep track of where zero is.

Well made and light tight. Not much use for it's intended purpose these days (modern oscilloscopes use LCD panels, and digitise as they go), but it would make a useful two-way slider for a home-built pancake camera or a manual scan-your-film-with-a-DSLR rig.

20-Sep-2013, 02:41
Thank you very much Struan, on explanation.

20-Oct-2013, 14:02
Why start a thread on this when i told you all this before everyone else? Dod you want a second opinion?