View Full Version : Linhof technikardan 4x5s Serial number question.

2-Aug-2004, 16:43
I am planning to buy used Linhof technikardan 4x5s and trying to get additional information on(year made, value, etc) I have serial numbers of three camera that I am thinking to chose from. Is there any person or website to contact with? Also, what point should I pay attention before I actually order the Linhof camera? Thanks, Thanks! Ric

3-Aug-2004, 02:41

Serialnumbers: No clue, maybe contact Linhof themself? (www.linhof.de)

Probably the secondhand value will not be much dependent on how old the camera is, the condition of the camera (and what is included in the kit) will be of more importance.

Things to check: all that has to be checked with any view camera: pinholes in bellows, play in mechanical parts, strength of spring to push/pull a film holder against the back, level-bubles not beeing empty, smoothness of all movements, etc.

Especially to be checked on the TK45s:

lock on rearstandard: Sometimes people forget the lock and turn the focussingknob (applying more force than normal) which eventually ruins the rearstandard lock) So check the rearstandard does not move when locked down and a filmholder is inserted.

The telescoping rail will flex, what is acceptable? difficult to say.


Bob Salomon
3-Aug-2004, 02:47
You can contact us for serial numbers on the TK. Is the model the TK or the TKS? 800 735 4373

Bob Salomon
3-Aug-2004, 09:01
Maybe this will help you so you don't need to worry as much about serial numbers.

The original TK 45 was made from 1985 till 1992. The TK45S was made from 1992 till today.

Yes some people have adjusted the camera with the locks set. This will cause the locks to lose their effectivness. This is a very simple problem to solve for all of movement locks.