View Full Version : Some questions about Wray!

Steven Tribe
17-Sep-2013, 13:28
First of all, where are all the soft lenses that Wray produced at Peckham?
I have seen the Kershaw version of the Portland and the Sinclair badged ones too - but no Wrays!
Perhaps these listed below were versions of other lenses too?

I quote from the Lens VM:

"Wray Diffused Image Objective These were soft focus lenses. They were highlighted as D.I.O. and the
drawing in the 1928 advert. seems to show lens f4 No19,839 in black enamel. f4.0
6.0, 8.0, 12, 15in These were a doublet.

Soft Focus f2.5 This was for professional use only.

Soft Focus f5.0 7.5, 10, 12in These were single lenses only."

The second question is whether anyone has further information about the "Narrow angle" Landscape lenses that Wray made in the 1890's?
Lens VM talks about the barrel version up to 18", but I have one in front of me, 4334, that is marked (and is) 30" but starts at F16 ( just under 2" maximum iris - but the barrel is 3.5"). Any information about this and what, on earth, it would have been used for, would be welcome!

Steven Tribe
18-Sep-2013, 01:55
The very long meniscus landscape (portrait) lenses are not so uncommon as I thought.
Dallmeyer had a similar 30" "distant object/view" - but somewhat faster - lens in the 1890's.

I show the Wray lens alongside a 12x10" "Optimus" and a Dallmeyer no. 2 for full plate (Landscape meniscus type).