View Full Version : Shen Hao now offering Ebony camera.

Lachlan 717
16-Sep-2013, 22:17

If they can source this for the 6x17cm cameras, perhaps they're open to making other formats in it?

Emmanuel BIGLER
17-Sep-2013, 03:53
ebony, or EbonyŽ, that is the question !
As seen in October 2012 at the Photokina

Wood: Ebony

Daniel Stone
17-Sep-2013, 12:52
Boy, talk about a poke at Ebony...
looks like $4k will put it in your hands:

BTW, there's an "Ebony" 617 for sale here in the classifieds btw, if anyone is interested(listed by someone else)


19-Sep-2013, 11:18
Why does it have one of those starlight candies in the lens?

19-Sep-2013, 11:53
Why does it have one of those starlight candies in the lens?

You prefer nonpareils?

Drew Wiley
19-Sep-2013, 12:16
Pretty, but it weighs more than most premier 5x7 cameras relative to the amt of bellows ext you get, and costs more too. It's an open question if the ebony itself was properly cured, but calling it "ancient" (recycled?) implies that. Under the best of circumstances, ebony wood is prone to end-splitting and needs to be properly
sealed and maintained. There's a gazoolionaire around here who is having all the doors and windows on his digs mad of solid ebony ... so far the barn with its seven
guest rooms and bathroom (plus space for twenty racehorses downstairs, of course) has been completed, with the real guesthouse currently under construction,
where the pitiful man will live in relative misery until his real house is finished. Maybe he'll try to assuage his conscience a bit by donating twenty bucks to the
Save the Rainforests Fund.

Daniel Stone
19-Sep-2013, 12:57
Why does it have one of those starlight candies in the lens?

It's the reflection of a silver umbrella/flash head in the glass