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16-Sep-2013, 08:51
hi togehter,

i even started to develop my first b&w 4x5 sheets.
i use a jobo 3010 with acros 100 and pyrocat hd.
(rollo pyro is not available in europe; i could not find a distributor yet)

...but pyrocat hd with the 3010 should give also good results.

my procedure ( first time ):

- pre wash with normal water about 3 minutes( 20,5 degrees)
(for every step: 3010 is always rotating, every 30 sec i flip the drum)
- solution A and B with 1:1:100 (pure water) about one minute befor using (500ml)
- developing 9 min.
- two washing steps with about 500ml water (about 30 sec. each)
- fixing with ilford rapid fixer 1:4 (500ml) for 5 min.
- do the washing 20min.
- photoflo for 30sec.
- drying

i don't want to do complicated film testing because my negatives will be scanned with a v750 and photoshoped (don't think this requires an absolute perfect negative?!)

- how can i easily check my development procedure if i'm on the right way (i'm not so experienced in interpreting a negative by a loupe)

- i will use about 80ml for a sheet!
will my results differ if i develop one sheet with 80ml of pyrocat hd (in this big jobo) from developing 10 sheets with 800ml?
water and fixer i will use always 500ml.

can you give me further advice for developing acros100 in pyroHD?

thx for help,
best michael

16-Sep-2013, 09:48

A few notes for you.

1. Use 1000ml of working solution in the 3010. Results will be better. 1 sheet or 10 you will want 1000ml.
2. Do not Photo flow in the 3010. Do it in an alternate container.

The best thing I can say is just do it. Do it many times and then do it some more. Each time you shoot and run a processing session you will learn a little bit. And the experience and knowledge you want comes from lots of trial and error.

Good luck!

16-Sep-2013, 10:25
thx for your tipp. yes i use an alternate container for hotoflow...

i will give a try using 1000ml ( washing, developer, fixer)

16-Sep-2013, 11:52
You don't need 1L for all steps. Actually, using 500ml for the first half of dev time then 500ml for the second half is what i do since 1000ml is a lot of stress on the jobo motor. Since u aren't using the jobo machine it should b fine. Keep wash and fix at 500ml.