View Full Version : Has anyone seen - or owns - the Darlot Cone "casket" box?

Steven Tribe
16-Sep-2013, 01:21
I cannot believe that Darlot would have sold this lens without a neat box to deposit the removable drop-in/screw-in central stop and the rear cell when the lens is used in "Paysage" mode?

Does anyone own, or has ever seen what this box looked like?

I have no confidence in my ability to keep items collected and am seriously thinking about making a replica.

Steven Tribe
17-Sep-2013, 00:19
Thanks for reading!
Silence, I think, means that Darlot didn't consider the safe storage of unused parts of the Cone in Paysage mode to be important!
These days, lack of suitable storage would be considered a company policy to ensure extra sale of reserve parts!
Next contribution will be in the DIY section.

17-Sep-2013, 05:47
Just a thought, but it may mean that had a such a box may have existed, it could have been either: made out of a soft wood that could have fallen apart over the years, perhaps leatherette-backed card, or I suspect (but easily could be wrong), made as an unbranded leather pouch - that later was consigned to the bargain bin as an unknown pouch or case.

alex from holland
17-Sep-2013, 06:26
I own several cones and seen a lot more. But never seen any case for the internal part.
Maybe because of that many of these parts are missing....:(

Steven Tribe
17-Sep-2013, 14:12
I have come to the conclusion that a standard wooden box would be rather difficult to fit into a pocket and that an old fashioned sprung spectacle case (slightly oversize - press formed board) would be most handy.

17-Sep-2013, 17:30
I'm sure they shipped in wooden boxes like this one a Darlot of mine was in.

Those shipping boxes would be long lost, though I do see them once in about every 200 lenses. As far as the nice, satin lined and leather covered boxes, Darlot often offered them for a varity of lenses. I've seen maybe one in every 100 lenses. Like this one http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?66638-Darlot-Jamin-casket-set/page2 but there have been sets for other types. I bet they made them, they're just uncommon.

Steven Tribe
18-Sep-2013, 00:48
Very nice to have on a shelf in the studio, when changing the studio's location or (these days!) when shipping, but not so practical for regular changing set-ups and transportable storage. I have a Busch casket set with Unicum shutter as barrel which is just about transportable (6x4x1.5") but with a lid catch I would have doubts about, even when it was new.