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14-Sep-2013, 03:19
I had this camera given to me a while ago, and have just put some condition back into the wood and bellows. Can anybody help me identify it?
Its huge, the focusing plane is 30cm x 30cm, and the bellows are about a metre long, it is not complete as yet.

David Vickery
15-Sep-2013, 10:52
More photos would help, but it looks like it may be an old graphic arts camera. It could probably be turned into something useful, especially if the bellows are good.

Steven Tribe
15-Sep-2013, 11:55
Probably a 24x30cm camera. The plates were mounted horizontally or vertically in the plate holder to achieve portrait and landscape.
Photos of underside would help most.

The ovals, which Mark spotted, are surely for the romantic framing of studio cabinet portraits around 1880?

Mark Sawyer
15-Sep-2013, 13:11
The different rectangles drawn on the back show it was used for those sized plates. The ovals probably show where the image would be masked by an oval frame, mat, or vignetting. It may have been from a camera manufacturer, or custom-built by a cabinet shop; hard to say if there are no markings and no one recognizes it...

25-Sep-2013, 18:57
Thankyou for your input, I purchased it from an auction, with forty different size plate holders, which are now on ebay. The camera was in an awful state all the bellows were ripped, but I have repaired them to the extent they only require a little gasket goo to fix pinholes. A nice covering of a latex type paint would be nice. Luckily I have a very nice Marion which I have been taking 8 x 10 tintype pictures with, absolutely awesome hobby! For those who are suspect about Rockland tintype kit, if the instructions are followed correctly it is good stuff...well...The pics are the proof, though I don't have any other processes to compare. I have sought advice over a lens I bought, from "Albion Albumenizing Company Glasgow" Even after seeking info through the Scottish Photographical Society I still cannot find info on it. It has been taking great portrait for me though. Anyway! I would like to thank the members of this forum, I have got some amazing advice through reading your discussions, its a fantastic knowledge base for us novices.