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12-Sep-2013, 06:00
Hi everyone. Thanks to all who posted giving me advice on my first LF camera. I read and took in all the great suggestions and took the plunge to buy one of the "budget" wooden ones but sadly, the experience was not that great and the camera started falling apart after a couple of weeks and I have had to return it. So now I am left with a 75mm lens for landscapes and no camera.

I have looked at and tested a few in a local second hand dealer and I was very impressed with a second hand Linhof Super Technika III and a Canham DLC. The Canham has all the movements you can think of and will take the 75mm lens but I love the slickness of the Linhof. My predicament is this - I have read that some people use the 75mm on the Linhof fairly well without the WA adapter but is it possible to use it for landscapes? I know there is no forward tilt but read somewhere that you can turn the camera round 90 degrees, mount it on a tripod and use the swing as "tilt". Is this true and is it ok for landscapes doing the near far effect? If I use the camera right way up, can I use my HiTech 100 mm grad filters without the baseboard getting in the way?

Thanks for any advice.


12-Sep-2013, 06:20
See http://www.cameraquest.com/techs.htm for the answers on most of your Tech III questions.

I used a 65mm on my Tech III by using a helical focusing mount. I would keep the lens on the internal rail (drop the bed completely) and would extend the back. Again awkward but it worked, but of little help for you I am afraid, perhaps a 75 mm and a recessed board just might work..



Bob Salomon
12-Sep-2013, 06:48
A wide angle adapter on a Linhof 45 was only needed for 65mm and shorter lenses. Not for a 75mm. But you will need a recessed lens board and the one for the III has not been in production for close to 40 years.

Be a lot simpler if you just looked for a IV or later. That does take the modern lens boards and does have forward tilt.

13-Sep-2013, 10:37
I use a 75mm (grandagon f/6.8 version) on a Tech III. Its not pretty, and in the winter jamming your cold fingers around to use the knobs can be painful, but it works to some limited degree. I drop the bed when I use it, but I don't remember which rail it sits on when I do, but I mean the 75 has such a large depth of field that I'm not really thinking about front tilt a lot.

14-Sep-2013, 14:06
I use a Mamiya 75mm/5.6 on my Tech III with a flat board without problems (horizontal only). I even made a cam for it. There are a few pics of this on my blog: http://refotografia.wordpress.com/tag/technika/