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Mike Lopez
31-Jul-2004, 13:47
The Fuji SW 105 appears to be the only modern lens in this focal length that will cover 4x5. It also appears to be somewhat rare, as only Badger Graphics seems to have any. Does anybody have any experience with this lens? Is it multi-coated? I like the size of its image circle, but I'm wondering why I can't seem to find any more about this lens. Maybe it's so good it never turns up on the used market?

Ted Harris
31-Jul-2004, 15:21
"Maybe it's so good it never turns up on the used market?" Or maybe there are very few of them sold since the introduction of the Super Symmar 110 XL with a larger image circle and spectacular performance? There are offerings in this approximate range from Schneider (the SS 110 SL) and Nikon (105). The Schneider is probably the finest of the three but for overall value in terms of price, performance and coverage the Nikkor wins hands down.

31-Jul-2004, 16:09
Does the Nikon 105mm really cover? I thought the published circle was too small. It's a lens that sounded interesting.

According to Badger

Nikon W 105mm/5.6 Image circle 155mm

Fujinon CMW 105mm/5.6 Image circle 174mm

Brian Vuillemenot
31-Jul-2004, 16:24
The Fuji SW 105 f 8 lens is actually an older, single coated design. It will cover up to 5X7- I use it attached to my Fuji G 617 panoramic camera. The Fuji CM-W 105 f 5.6 lens is a newer design, and will cover 4X5. It should be available new for about $600 from Badger and considerably less used. There are also some other choices, as mentioned above.

Ted Harris
31-Jul-2004, 16:34
Whoops ....... I meant the Nikon 120!!!!!

Gem Singer
31-Jul-2004, 17:01
Hi Mike,

The Fujinon 105 f8 NWS is the latest model of this lens. It has a 100 degree angle of coverage, a 250mm image circle, and is EBC (multi) coated. (see: www.members.aol.com/subgallery/byfl.htm, for technical info. on all of the Fuji lenses). This is the same glass used in the 105 lens that is mounted on the Fuji 6X17 camera, only it is in a Copal 0 shutter instead of a helical lensmount.

I have one on the way, from Midwest Photo Exchange (www.mpex.com), as we speak. Jim has been trying to locate a previously owned 105NSW, in like-new condition, in Japan, for several weeks. He finally found one yesterday. The latest model Fuji 105 wide angles, in all black Copal shutters, are rare, but they are available. Perhaps a call to Jim would be your best bet. I will be using the 105 wide angle lens on my new 5X7 Tachihara.

Gem Singer
31-Jul-2004, 17:06
Excuse my "senior moment" that's Fujinon 105 f8 NSW, not NWS.

Andre Noble
31-Jul-2004, 17:46
The Nikon SW f8 90mm lens has an image circle 235mm and is available for alot less.

105 and 90 are similar. This nikon f8 9mm lens is much less expensive than the Fuji 105. The Nikon is also reknown for its performance.

Jean-Marie Solichon
1-Aug-2004, 00:27
"Nikon W 105mm/5.6 Image circle 155mm" I had one and it did cover 5x4 with very minimal movements. As André said, there is almost no difference between 105 and 90 (and 110 as well) in term of angle of view. At that time I appreciated much the very light weight and bright image of the W 105 compared to my 90 wide angle.

Eric Wagner
1-Aug-2004, 13:38
I purchased my f8 105 NSW in October, 1983. It is EBC multi-coated. I have used it in a 1" recessed board on my Toyo-Field 45A, which allows about 40mm of rising front. It is a superb lens. I will never voluntarily part with it. I may have it buried with me!