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Sunny Alan
9-Sep-2013, 21:26
I am from Kochi, India, with large format digital and screen process graphics printing experience currently in the work out of an Art Gallery; a calibrated, ICC profile environment to reproduce exact color and resolution on quality papers and canvas with Epson large format printing facility. Many fine art painters and art-photographers are joined as associates, welcoming the venture as another opportunity to sell art in recession-hit times. Marketing is planned through Exhibitions in all major cities in India and through a portal.
Though not in organised manner, fine art is moving but photo prints as an art medium is yet to be accepted in developing countries. Once accepted, it will be a huge market.
In India, as in the case of all developing countries, price must be lower, to enable art to move in numbers. Also India is vast with huge population, middle-income group is growing fast; a piece of art on wall is a trend, of course if affordable.
It is difficult to create market and sell art or photographs direct to India/3rd world developing countries at current prices from USA or UK etc. To lower prices, printing must be done in India, availing Indian low prices.
I am looking for association of photographers to utilise it as chance to sell in developing countries.
THE HURDLE, I am facing is lack of a system, a business model/ a contractual term by which printer-marketer and artist/photographer cooperation is possible to coexist with trust to reap large volume sale, mutual benefits.
Is there any such contractual terms, a legally binding arrangement existing, which ensure artists/photographers right on his work is safe, same time he can entrust his work to printing-marketing agency ?
I am looking for any preposition to make it possible: a win-win situation for both parties.

Opinions, suggestions are most welcome...
(I put this issue at other Forums too towards insights from diverse fronts)

Drew Bedo
10-Sep-2013, 05:20
Also ost your question on www-DOT-pixtus-DOT-com

Drew Bedo
10-Sep-2013, 09:07
Sunny, Please check your PMs.

Respectful Regards

10-Sep-2013, 09:15
If I understand your question and intent correctly, most of these issues are addressed by copyright law, licensing, and representation agreements within the U.S. I have covered these, and other topics of commerce for photographers generally here (http://www.rangeoflightphotography.com/pages/photo-business).

10-Sep-2013, 15:25
Wouldn't you want to talk to a lawyer who specializes in Indian contract law? Maybe also intellectual property law?

Sunny Alan
11-Sep-2013, 01:03
Sunny, Please check your PMs.

Respectful Regards
Thanks Drew, I got ur PM, happy to see your misunderstanding solved.
Yes, we have to think of 1000s of brilliant photographers, who are not able to sustain with their photography, hence living on other means.
Thanks for the understanding....

Sunny Alan
11-Sep-2013, 01:11
Thanks a lot ROL.
This kind of reply with referrals was what I was waiting for.
I will take time to study it fully and come back.

Copyright, licensing: Once a written agreement is entered between printer and photographer, these issues are non-existing I think. Because the Agreement will cover all these issues.
Am I correct?

Sunny Alan
11-Sep-2013, 01:14
I have to cover Indian legal issues as well as US and other countries too.
Thanks for the reply
Wouldn't you want to talk to a lawyer who specializes in Indian contract law? Maybe also intellectual property law?