View Full Version : Leaving a lens on a Ebony 57SUE

8-Sep-2013, 08:18
Can any current/prior owners tell me if you leave a lens on the Ebony 57SUE how much larger than 13cm it makes the camera?
In the pictures it looks like the 4th extension could also retract some so the lens board could be recessed from instead of flush to the end of the wooden extension.
I'd like to use a photobackpacker case and be able to leave a lens on it. Its internal dimensions are 143mm so I'm wondering if I could leave a G-Claron 210mm on it.

14-Nov-2013, 06:23
An apo-symmar 210 fits on mine, so the G-Claron should not be a problem (I also use the 150mm G-Claron, it covers5x7). The metal extention retracts further than the wodden one, without protuding on the other side.