View Full Version : New Razzle owner - advice needed

8-Sep-2013, 06:26
My Razzle just arrived in Dubai, but I'm somewhat stumped over the workings, despite being a LF shooter on a Linhof Super Technika

I've found the cocking lever, as well as the ring to set shutter speed and the lever for aperture. For some reason, I cannot get the aperture lever to get to f4.7


Also, I haven't figured out how to get the shutter open so that I can focus on the ground glass


I thought it might have been this lever (based on the icons)


But it's not. This lever seems to lock exposure - i.e. shutter speed and aperture are coupled.

Any idea how I can get the shutter to open so that I can focus on the ground glass? Do I use B mode and manually hold the shutter open?

8-Sep-2013, 06:32
think you have to use the B setting with a locking cable release on this shutter.

8-Sep-2013, 06:45
Sweet. That's sorted that one out then. A shutter release it is then!

Now, on the topic of the 4.7 - 5.6 aperture setting, is it normal that the ring detents don't stop at the 'full' speeds? Mine seems to stop in between 1/30 and 1/60, for example...

8-Sep-2013, 07:27
For some reason, I cannot get the aperture lever to get to f4.7

Good, because the lens is an f/5.6. The builder saved you from some misery.

8-Sep-2013, 08:27
Damn, you are right! I got this confused with another 110B I'm having built by Patrick, which has the 127mm f4.7 Rodie lens!

Time to get shooting!

Drew Bedo
9-Sep-2013, 13:25
Shoot away then . . .and post some images here.

Gordon Flodders
15-Sep-2013, 19:08
And if you have any questions, just contact the builder. Google 'Razzle 4x5' and check for the contact details. It's a rangefinder, so you don't need to use the ground glass screen!


16-Sep-2013, 00:50
Thanks, Gordon! I shot it over the weekend while offroading on the Jabal Jais mountains in Ras Al Khaimah (in the United Arab Emirates). Brought the Linhof as well, but the Razzle was brilliant for shots where it was just not practical to set up a tripod. Developing the film tonight, so let's see if we can tell the difference between shots from the Linhof and the Razzle :)

20-Sep-2013, 08:29
A couple of shots off the Razzle. I have to say that the image quality is pretty darn good, let down by a rather hazy day and shoddy development. If anyone has any idea why I'm getting these weird streaking in my development, do let me know. The film is developed in a Jobo 2553 tank with the 2509n 4x5 reels, in 500ml of chems (dev/stopbath/fixer/wetting agent).




Turns out that one of my earlier shots from the Linhof, captured at Fort Canning Hill in Singapore, exhibits similar streaking


20-Sep-2013, 09:27
There are two things happening here:
1. You have some liquid getting to the film before process begins, perhaps a moist or wet drum/reel, or moisture during loading, or alternatively, something wetting the film after it was dry causing the spotting.
2. The major unevenness, most likely is a light leak, in the camera, holder or tank loading. You can see that the streaks start at one end of the negative, (not sure what the orientation of your camera or holder loading is) but i am assuming this happened in camera/holder while shooting/loading.

20-Sep-2013, 09:42
Hey, you're the guy I got my Jobo drum and reels from! Thanks a ton, by the way :)

Yes, I kinda intended to rinse the film before putting in developer, but left the water in there for around 2-3 min before draining. Could also have been the fact that the film holders were put in the fridge and hence picked up condensation.

Looks like I'll need to systematically test each holder for light-tightness, one sheet at a time, unless there is another way to test the holders

20-Sep-2013, 12:14
A cheaper way to test them is with some BW paper.

As for pre wash - the spotting does not appear to be stemming from that, but perhaps you had a longer pause between dumping the pre wash and pouring in the developer?

21-Sep-2013, 07:48
No, not really. I emptied the wash, then poured in the developer within 15s.

I'll have to eliminate the wash from my next development run and see if that helps.

Gordon Flodders
23-Sep-2013, 01:52
Seems to me the problem is not either of the cameras, but in the development of the negs. There's many problems evident here, like dirty/contaminated water, careless handling and staining, maybe you are rushing the process? I load negs into an older style bakelite FR tank, pre soak in water for a few minutes, then add a 1/31 mix of Ilford HC and dev for six minutes, agitating every minute,then dump the developer and rinse with water, (no stop bath). Add the fixer, agitate and wait a couple of minutes. If the negs appear pinkish, leave them a little longer or replenish the fix. I slide the negs into Kodak stainless hangers and hang them in a dust free environment, (ie my bathroom), until dry. This method has never failed me. Just be VERY careful with the negs when wet as the emulsion is soft and easily damaged and remember to always use clean water.