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7-Sep-2013, 05:29
I want some help

I found this old wood camera,its from grandfather.I want to use it.(for alternative proccesses .like tintype)
i was wondering if i can find a film back for this camera,or i can make it.

Thank you.

7-Sep-2013, 05:49
You need to work out what size it is and the possible make. Backs can be found second hand or you could make something there's some examples in the LF DIY section.


Steven Tribe
7-Sep-2013, 07:15
I would say this is a french 9x12 or 13x18cm chambre de voyages. It is the type where the bellows turns 90 degrees around the front standard and the extra brass fixtures on the side click into the female brass places on the base plate.
The insert system (for the ground glass section and the plates) is that not common, except in France. I enclose a photo of what I think you should be looking for.
The external measurements for this double holder is 22.3cn x 16.6cm x2cm.
Note the central position of brass catch and the ridge on the other side which fits into a brass strip or raised.

7-Sep-2013, 07:23
I can't tell from the pictures, but my guess is that the camera-back is there, the view-screen is missing and you need Tambour style plate holders. Again, I'm guessing here. Just going off of pictures found on the internet. I can see in your picture the little brass locking tabs that would hold the view-screen in place. Is the back of the camera removable, or does it swing out of the way?

Similar cameras . . .





Steven Tribe
7-Sep-2013, 07:38
Part of the back is there - but not everything! You can see the place where the "swing out" brass fixtures have been and also the light trap velvet (needs to be replaced!). If the obvious hole is the only damage to the bellows, then this can be used without any problems (dark cloth).

8-Sep-2013, 05:53
Thank you for your response.

i want to find a film holder,i 've made a focus screen.
i want to know where can i put film to shot in this camera?
something like this:

(sorry for my bad english)

if you want i take more pictures to upload

Steven Tribe
8-Sep-2013, 09:06
You may not have realised that you can use an old damaged plate holder to make a ground glass viewer! If you buy around 3 or 4 at one time, it is almost certain that one has seen better days - that is, not worth renewing. Broken tambour slides are particularly difficult to get at and repair.
Your photo shows an 18x24cm holder set. It close to you needs, but there can be differences.
I am not an "alternative" person - but I understand that double holders (like that shown) have to be converted into single holders, where the tabour slide at the back functions as a "back door" for loading the wet plate - which is reversed, of course.