View Full Version : Focal length of my lens?

4-Sep-2013, 19:26
Newbie kinda question. I have a B&J 8x10. The lens on it reads: 8x10 Turner Reich ANAST F6 8 SER II 213667 Grundlach Manufacturing Corp.

On the aperture ring is reads 12 "

on the inside element it reads 21 "

Can anyone help me to identify the focal length? Also, it's shutter is the pneumatic rubber ball. Is it possible to put a variable speed shutter on this thing?

Thanks, and sorry for the cluelessness.

4-Sep-2013, 19:32
Both elements used, probably 12". Check the aperture scale for the others -- probably 21" and 28". It should have the apertures for all three focal lengths.

If there is not three sets of apertures, and if the lens does not have a shutter already marked with variable speeds, then you might have a mish-mash of lens.
/shutter parts.

5-Sep-2013, 02:01
Might be wise to add the turner Reich is a Triple convertible lens, both cells used together or each individually giving a potential 3 focal lenghts.


Steve Smith
5-Sep-2013, 05:05
Check the aperture scale for the others -- probably 21" and 28".

Having just done the conversions to millimetres, to metres then to Dioptres, subtracting one from the other and converting back, I can confirm the other element should be exactly 28"!!