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Ramiro Elena
4-Sep-2013, 07:23
I didn't know where to place this, move it if it doesn't belong please.

I've got two very nice 35mm compact cameras that need repair. A Ricoh GR1 and a Yashica T4. I looked on APUG but couldn't even find a section to post this. The EU section seem pretty dead.

Help greatly appreciated. It's been too long without my Ricoh...

Dan Fromm
4-Sep-2013, 08:05

4-Sep-2013, 10:23
Newton Ellis (http://www.newtonellis.com/) in Liverpool, UK, are highly reputable.


Pete Watkins
4-Sep-2013, 12:51
I've gotta say that Newton & Ellis have done a couple of jobs for me, I'm very happy but they're not the cheapest. Black on White in Bristol are good but check both firms as to wether they're prepared to take the job on.

Ramiro Elena
4-Sep-2013, 13:03
Thanks! The link Dan provided has lots of repair stores but it is kind of difficult to go through all of them and see if they work on newer cameras with electronics such as the Ricoh and the Yashica.
That's probably the main issue, finding one that will do that kind of job.

Ian, I just did a couple 5x7 ground glasses ;-)

5-Sep-2013, 02:06
Mr Marek Wiese in Hamburg, http://www.wiese-fototechnik.de/Website/Startseite.html
Mr Mr Václav & Jan Maštalíř in Prague, http://sluzby.fotoskoda.cz/fotoservis
Mr Jaroslav Kocián in Lozice (don't even try to find where it exactly is), Czech Rep, http://photohelp.cz - but he repairs mostly Mamiya, Bronica, Noblex & Horizont
Mr Jaroslav Blažek in Nový Jičín, Czech Rep, http://www.fotoservis.ic.cz/
Mr Dieter Paepke in Düsseldorf, http://www.paepke-fototechnik.de/eng/index.html

Ramiro Elena
7-Sep-2013, 15:07
Thanks! I'll email them all!

8-Sep-2013, 13:19
On APUG I saw a recommendation for Kamera-Service http://www.kamera-service.info (http://www.kamera-service.info/index.php/en/) in The Netherlands. I don't have a personal experience with them/him. The website mentions a specialisation in Leica, Hasselblad and Rollei. The eldest one (Wim van Manen) seems to be a repair guy since 1970.

9-Sep-2013, 15:15
Ricoh have a service facility in Germany-they fixed my GRD there-not sure if they'll do a GR1 though ( I have one too) google them to get a number and call - they are very helpful!

Ramiro Elena
9-Sep-2013, 15:17
Oh, cool! So far nobody has been totally sure they can fix it. I'll look it up, thanks!

Is this it?
Technology Centre Dusseldorf, Ricoh International B.V.
Oberrather Strasse 6, 40472 Düsseldorf, Germany
+49 21-165-460

There is one in Hannover too...

9-Sep-2013, 15:27
The address doesn't sound right-it has an American street name as apparently is an old USAF base ....

9-Sep-2013, 15:36
Just checked the web- the service company in Germany is called PIMCO-however all links now divert to Pentax..,..