View Full Version : Sinar P or F at auction. Which is it?

3-Sep-2013, 08:47
There is a Sinar 8X10 currently on Ebay. I believe this forum doesn't want links to active auctions so you will need to search. See if you have the same concerns as I do.

The opening picture shows a Sinar P2 8x10. There are 2 more pictures that are copies from Sinar literature showing and F and a P2. Then there are several pictures of the 8x10 bellows, film stage and lens stage on F standards. The last two pictures on P2 standards. Which one is being sold?

The seller also has a 4x5 F for sale. The same two pictures from Sinar Lit. showing an F and a P2 are shown. The rest of the photos show the 4x5 on F standards.

I've asked the seller for clarification, awaiting a reply.

Is this a mix up by an inexperienced photography seller?

History shows some Leica sales. Currently has a 100% rating for the past year but some serious negatives in 2010.

Alan Gales
3-Sep-2013, 20:12
You are doing the right thing in asking the Seller questions. If his answers are not sufficient or he doesn't even bother to reply then I suggest that you forget about the camera.

I own a 4x5 Sinar P and I did have a 4x5 F with Sinar shutter which I purchased to part out and sell. I know a bit about these cameras but I have never handled a Sinar 8x10. From my understanding the front standards on the 8x10 cameras have more front rise then the 4x5 front standards. I have heard that a lot of the Sinar 8x10 cameras on Ebay are pieced together and have the wrong front standard. It's another thing you need to check out.

Good luck to you!

Jonathan Barlow
4-Sep-2013, 14:05
The last picture of a P2 8x10 appears to be covered in mold. It must've been stored in a cellar or garage for years.

5-Sep-2013, 09:08
I did get a reply from the seller. I asked if the camera was a P2 or an F. He said it was both? I'm not going to bid.

Sinar 8x10 hardware can be used on any of their modern standards. They did make specific 8x10 standards in the P series. They are easy to spot. On all the P rear standards the shift adjusting knob looks like a (black) silver dollar laying horizontal under the ground glass holder. On the 8x10 standard the knob is framed in with aluminum on four sides. The knob on the smaller standard has aluminum frame on only two sides.

Trevor Whitaker
5-Sep-2013, 10:18
It also has two different rails in the pictures - one black and one chrome. I wonder if it's just a big mish-mash of parts with both sets of standards? Too bad about the mold though.