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Brian Vuillemenot
29-Jul-2004, 10:44

I wanted to attach a JPEG of one of my images to a recent posting. It is not on a website, just in a folder on my computer. Any advice on how I can attach it to the posting? Thanks!

David A. Goldfarb
29-Jul-2004, 10:46
Put it on a website somewhere (if you don't have your own, there are sites that offer free image hosting) and then link to it.

David R Munson
29-Jul-2004, 22:48
There are a number of sites online that offer image hosting. Some are free, some aren't. Once you've got an image uploaded to a server, you can link to it directly using the tags http://www.imageurl.com/imageurl.jpg where the url points to the web location of your image on the remote server. For example, I have an image on my server in the /ref/ directory. To link to it and post it here, I would type http://www.davidrmunson.com/ref/fixed.jpg which results in the image below showing up in my post.

Image 2004 David R Munson