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31-Aug-2013, 06:04
Hoping to get into my D-2 this weekend for a DIY CLA. I aquired a push-pull D-2, not the cranky D-II, for a token payment. I have a restored D-II set up for 4x5 and hope to keep the other set up for smaller formats. My daughter has a Holga and a Certo so I would like to get her into the darkroom. I have new stainless hardware, and the counterbalance springs appear functional. It mainly needs soap and water and degreased, then reassembled. Anyone have any pearls? What and where to lube with what? Any care and feeding of the springs? The threads here are mostly almost 10 years old. I am greatful for any help.



31-Aug-2013, 06:26
If you do run into any parts needs or possibly just advice, this gentleman may be able to help: http://www.classic-enlargers.com/

John Kasaian
31-Aug-2013, 08:04
How dirty/dusty/rusty are they?
I like well washed cloth diapers for wiping things down (no lint)
For degreasing, Outer's Crud Cutter (look for it in gun shops) does a bang up job, but I worry about all aerosol solvents----be careful!
For light surface rust on steel there are plenty of products that will gently remove, it even WD-40.
Lubricate sparingly. I don't know exactly what Omega recommends but I'm sure if you ask they'll tell you. I like to use Lubriplate on photography gear because it tends to stay put.