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30-Aug-2013, 22:55
Hello all,

I'm a new forum guy, just finally activating my account after putting down the first of three payments on a Deardorff out in Palmdale. The camera I'm picking up has a turner riech convertible on it, which I've tested before deciding to buy. It isn't exactly what you might call the sharpest of glass, even stopped down with both cells on. I'm a California transplant, originally from Florida, and someone back home is advertising a Red Dot Artar 16.5" along with a 19", both in shutters (although I don't know the make or reliability yet), and I was wondering if you would mind supplying me with a rough estimate for the value of this/these lenses.
I've done a fair bit of research, about their image size and such, and find they are still rather desirable. The owner has been trying to sell a Deardorff V11 for a few months, but it seems really outrageously priced, and seeing as how I've now committed to yearly oh-god-so-much-money-purchase, I was planning on offering in the neighborhood of $250-300.

If anyone could provide me with some info, that'd be great. And from all I've read here on the site, it seems like a great community, and I'd just like to add I may be one of the youngest members here, turning 21 in November, and a student at Brooks in Santa Barbara. :cool:

Much obliged,


Dan Fromm
31-Aug-2013, 07:14
To get an idea of prices, look at auctions for Artars on eBay. Select "sold," ignore older uncoated Artars and lenses in barrel. You may get lucky, your seller may not know the going rate, but the amount you intend to offer seems low.

Before you go shopping for Artars, go here: http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/goerz_3.html and look at the coverage claims on p. 23. Divide coverage at 1:1 by 2 to get coverage at infinity. Remember that if you want to use movements you'll need a lens that covers more than the format you want to use.

31-Aug-2013, 12:15
Learn something new everyday!

Thanks, it seems like my price would be low but fair market value.