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28-Jul-2004, 12:52
I have recently returned to photography after a few years away, and am looking to purchase a new lens. I currently have a standard 55mm lens, and a telephoto that ranges somewhere from 85mm to 220mm. I like 2 different lenses, but am unsure of the size. One is 300mm and one is 400mm. My question is: which lens would I be better off purchasing? Is the 300mm enough of a jump from the 220mm, or should I go for the 400mm? Thanks for anyone who responds.

Ken Lee
28-Jul-2004, 13:20
Perhaps you have inadvertantly posted to the wrong forum. A 55mm lens is normal for a 35mm camera - but this forum deals with Large Format cameras, like 4x5, 8x10, etc.

Perhaps you should post the same question on www.photo.net (www.photo.net" target = "_blank)

Ken Lee
28-Jul-2004, 13:21
Oops - I meant www.photo.net (http://www.photo.net" target = "_blank)