View Full Version : surplus shed kodak 8x10 ground glass dimensions?

29-Aug-2013, 13:23
for those of you who've bought them (from surplus shed only), what's the actual size?
They aren't answering their phone.

Ron Stowell
29-Aug-2013, 15:14
It is an exact 8X10

29-Aug-2013, 16:00
I bought a piece of 8x10 glass the other day w/o measuring it and it was NOT 8x10 so my gg making endeavor may wait a bit.

Daniel Stone
29-Aug-2013, 16:53
Sure this might sound like a broken record, but Steve Hopf is "da man" when it comes to grinding glass for cameras. I received a 5x7 screen from him just a few days after ordering it(he didn't have them in stock, mine was made individually).
Best LF screen I've used to date, bar none.
So unless you want to experience grinding your own screen just for the pure pleasure(tongue in cheek :P) of it, I'd highly recommend his products.


29-Aug-2013, 19:43
I've bought many pieces of 8x10 GG from Surplus Shed and all have dropped right into every 8x10 back I've installed them in after clipping the corners.

Daniel, I have never used Hopf's GG but all indications are they are very good. However, one 8x10 GG from Surplus Shed is $17.00 shipped, whereas Hopf's standard 8x10 GG is nearly $100 shipped, almost double that for the borosilicate version. If I had only one to replace I might have considered it, but when you're talking five or six pieces it really adds up, especially for old wooden 8x10 backs.


29-Aug-2013, 20:08
I have no doubt the glass drops right in. Just need to know how big to make the hole:) The thing is, I'm building the back and the rest of the camera that goes with it. I have the grit and would like to have a go at grinding some glass but also want to finish this camera soon.

30-Aug-2013, 01:18
I have the grit and would like to have a go at grinding some glass but also want to finish this camera soon.

I had a Hopf screen and you can easily make your own to a similar quality/brightness, maybe even slightly better.


1-Sep-2013, 14:19
Yep, the ones I've had were all 8 x 10 precisely.

1-Sep-2013, 15:01
Thanks guys. I've ordered two. My camera is so close to being finished and I'm fired up!

2-Sep-2013, 15:35
I suspect that Surplus Shed got their ground glass from Eastman Kodak. They sold the 8x10 glass in boxes of 10 each and the sizes were precise 8x10. (I have several boxes. It is very good glass.)