View Full Version : Capture one express 6 How to REMOVE SESSIONS ???

Don Dudenbostel
29-Aug-2013, 12:55
I've been searching and can not find an answer to this question.

I use Capture one 6 Express on my laptop to preview images with clients on location. When I import images the app creates a session favorite. I title my folders per my client and work with a variety of clients that I don't want other clients to know how I work for. When I start capture one and go to the Library tab it automatically shows all sessions.

I've searched and searched and can not find how to remove session favorites from the list. I'm now getting a long list of favorites and it's quite annoying.

How do I delete session favorites and session albums?????

Thanks in advance.


Don Dudenbostel
29-Aug-2013, 13:14
Well I finally figure it out. It's a simple right click of the mouse.

Thanks for looking.

Tri Tran
29-Aug-2013, 14:08
Good to know that you had figured it out . I use capture one for my digital workflow as well. I have phone number of the rep Chris From capture one in case you need it. He's the one for capture one .

Don Dudenbostel
29-Aug-2013, 16:26
I use c1 on the laptop just to preview images with clients. The express was a giveaway a couple of years ago from phase one. Back at the office I do all my editing in LR4. C1 does a good job but IMO its a little over processed looking for the things I shoot. Everything can be dialed back but I prefer the controls of LR4. It just fits my style better.

Tri the collodion is quite a departure from the world of pixels.