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Bruce M. Herman
19-Jul-1999, 04:00
What are you using to hold resin filters, such as a split ND, on to Schneider's 72 mm XL?

I currently own a Sinar filter holder for 100 mm resin filters, but this won't w ork on the Schneider 72 mm XL, because the lens takes a 95 mm front filter, and this holder was designed for front filters 82 mm (or thereabout) and smaller.

Would Lee's holder for 100 mm filters, which accepts a 95 mm adapter ring, work without vignetting? Or will I have to move to Sinar's 125 mm resin filters and their holders for this lens? Does anyone know with certainty that the 125 mm Si nar system won't cause vignetting?

Thanks, Bruce

Ellis Vener
21-Jul-1999, 00:17
Have you tried directly attaaching the filter holder to the lens (w/o an adapting ring)? I think there is enought space in there to do just that.

Masayoshi Hayashi
21-Jul-1999, 18:40
I agree with Ellis. There is a similar post I asked (http://www.greenspun.com/bboard/ q-and-a-fetch-msg.tcl?msg_id=000MKh). Take a look at the first answer by Rob Tucher. I haven't called Lee yet but from what he's talking about, there might be a solution.

Jerald A. Rosenfeld
22-Jul-1999, 22:38
I have a similar problem with the 55MM APO Grandagon using a center filter. I do have the Lee System. I called Lee in California and they are aware of the issue and have a special ring available.that attaches to the body and not tothe threads. This allows for use of the filter and not vignetting.....

Bob Salomon
23-Jul-1999, 11:46
Heliopan makes 3 different holders for 4" filters. All are a105mm thread. Heliopan also makes very thin 95 to 105mm brass step-up rings.

Holder one rotetes and takes any combination of 4x4" glass, gel or acrylic filters. It has a female 105mm front thread for a hood or accessories.

#2 is a non rotating holder for 4x4" gels. It also has a 105mm front female thread.

#3 is the 4" brass rotating holder for Heliopan 4x6" glass graduated filters or any other glass rectangular filters 4mm thick. It also has a 105mm front thread.

Heliopan also makes 105mm long and short threaded metal hoods that screw together. These can be used as spacers to increase the filter to lens distance for longer lenses.

The Heliopan metal hoods and step-up rings are also commonly relabeled by some of the English filter companys and sold under their names but possibly at higher costs.

Masayoshi Hayashi
27-Jul-1999, 19:44
Here is an answer that I received from John Alder at LEE filters USA. The above comment by Bob worths considering too.

Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999 14:47:28 -0700 From: John Adler <jadler@leefiltersusa.com> To: phys.ufl.edu.mhayashi@leefiltersusa.com Subject: LEE Filters

Dear Masayoshi,

Thank you for your recent inquiry.

We already make a filter holder for the Schneider 72XL. It's called the FK100. It's very similar to our Foundation Kit filter holder, except that instead of attaching to an adapter ring, it has a built in collar that tightens down around a 100mm diameter lens. List price is $200.

We don't make an adjustable adapter ring. However, we have a new product called the Gel Snap, which holds 4x4" filters and attaches to most lenses with a heavy rubberband. It doesn't hold anything larger than 4x4, and only goes up to 82mm in diameter.

The Wide Angle Lens Hood with 1 slot is the "shallowest" of all the combinations. Or, if you're interested in a hood only (no filter slots) you can use the hood that is meant for the Foundation Kit without its rails and attach it directly to an adapter ring.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.


John Adler LEE Filters USA (800)576-5055

Masayoshi Hayashi
27-Jul-1999, 20:09
Here is another reply from John about the FK100.

From jadler@leefiltersusa.com Tue Jul 27 19:10:19 1999 Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 15:36:02 -0700 From: John Adler <jadler@leefiltersusa.com> To: mhayashi@phys.ufl.edu Subject: LEE Filters

Dear Masayoshi,

The maximum (and minimum) diameter for the FK100 is 100mm. It was made specifically for the Schneider XL lenses, but will fit other 100mm diameter lenses as well.

A conventional adapter ring will not work with the FK100.

In every other respect, the holder is identical to our standard Foundation Kit. It will accept a shade, and I recommend the wide angle lens hood for the Schneider 72XL. (Part # is WALH. List price is $289.00)

You can arrange the slots in any order, just like on the Foundation Kit. If you use a shade, you need to put a 2mm slot on the outside for the shade to slide into.

Feel free to write or call if you have any more questions.


John Adler LEE Filters USA (800)576-5055