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27-Aug-2013, 16:19
I am looking to order Kodak 20x24 Portra 160 film but only need about one box. Does anybody know anyone who supplies this, or would anyone be interested in going in on an order with me, I think a minimum order from Kodak is 11 boxes.

Thank you, Eloise.

27-Aug-2013, 16:44
Review the Kodak Film link at http://www.canhamcameras.com

27-Aug-2013, 16:53

Jim Andrada
27-Aug-2013, 17:00
I think there's a typo - should be canhamcameras.com

27-Aug-2013, 17:26
Here's the link: http://www.canhamcameras.com/kodakfilm.html

28-Aug-2013, 02:20
Thank you, I am looking to buy from Canham but he said there is a minimum order limit of 11 boxes with Kodak. Is there anyone else that would like to go in on an order with me? I am looking to buy as soon as possible.

Monty McCutchen
28-Aug-2013, 07:10
I shoot 20 x 24 but unfortunately I don't have an interest currently to buy the 20 x 24 Portra. Keith contacted me several months ago though and said that he had someone that consistently ordered this film and that the way Kodak ran their orders there was often one or two boxes left over. He was contacting me to see if I wanted the extra boxes that I understood he had. If they are no longer available they might be in the future when the person who orders does so again. Not sure if your timeline has any flexibility or your statement of buying as soon as possible is about a finite timeline, but I would check back with Keith periodically to see if any becomes available.

And of course for what Portra costs you might be able to hire Keith Taylor to make tri-color gum prints off of your Ilford Black and White Negs!


Sorry I'm not a color guy sounds like a fun project and I wish you well. Shooting 20 x 24 is hard work but great fun in the process.


21-Jan-2018, 11:24

I am also interested in purchasing some 20x24 Portra 160 film! Are you still interested?