View Full Version : LF photographers in Japan

Peter Gordon
27-Jul-2004, 18:58
Hi, haven't seen any specific postings from LF photographers based in Japan, as I am. But maybe I've not been looking hard enough. Is there anyone out there? I use (or would like to use more than I do) 4x5 and 5x7. Looking for a buddy to goad me to getting out more and foresaking digital.


Danny Burk
27-Jul-2004, 20:01
Look at the "gallery" page on Ebony Camera's site (www.ebonycamera.com) and you'll see numerous mini-galleries of Japanese photographers.

Regards, Danny www.dannyburk.com

Tadge Dryja
27-Jul-2004, 22:30

I'm not in Japan now, but I'll be there next week, and I'll be living there for a year. I'm on the JET program and I'll be in Saitama, and I'm definetly bringing my Horseman monorail 4x5. I'm sure I'll be able to find sheet film and stuff in Tokyo, but if you know of good places to get stuff, darkrooms, etc, drop me a line!


Andrew O'Neill
28-Jul-2004, 09:10
I came back to Canada in the summer of 2002 after living 12 years in Japan. I lived about 35 kms south of Fukuoka in the city of Kurume (home of Bridge Stone). I never once met a LF photographer there. I imagine there would be some in the Tokyo area. I couldn't get Ilford sheet film in Japan so I always had to get my friend to send me boxes from Canada.