View Full Version : Anyone knows which Voigtlander lens is this?

27-Aug-2013, 10:19
Hello all,
I was wondering if I could get some help identifying which lens this might be. It is around 3" long and about 2 1/2 inch wide - glass only (approximately)

I hope the image will show up.

Thanks in advance


27-Aug-2013, 11:10
Petzval from 1878 by serial number. Smallish.

Steven Tribe
27-Aug-2013, 11:11
If the glass is 1 1/2" across and the focal length is 8 1/4" it is a Euryskop series IV size no. 1.
These are F.6.
For a long period, Voigtländer developed these anonymous Aplanats without identifying them as Euryskops. Size 1 was designed for 7x9" (18x24cm).
These are wonderful.

Very unlikely it is a Petzval:
Hood is typical Euryskop.
Very few Petzvals are without a sleeve.
And the focal length for size 1 would be just 5.5" - basically for C de V images.

27-Aug-2013, 13:04
It's an Aplanat/Rapid Rectilinear like Steven says. No way a petzval.

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28-Aug-2013, 02:11
Agree. Steven and Garrett know better for sure.
Thanks guys.

Steven Tribe
28-Aug-2013, 03:05
Check the focal length.
Around this serial number there are many lenses that don't fit into the later adopted series (often something between series IV and VI in speed). But these oddities are usually much bigger.