View Full Version : I don't have Lightroom, but I want a good print (physical)-- I'm in SoCal

27-Aug-2013, 06:41
I've been printing for decades (darkroom) and for years now, only do quick edits on computer for web viewing. Someone wants a couple of prints from me. Not paying, just nice prints for them to have.
There's a great lab near me that could probably do some pre-processing of the image (convert to B&W, channels, good tonality, nice deep dark skies...you get the idea...) and then print it out. But I'm sure that's beyond my budget.

If anyone is in SoCal who is good at this, I'm willing to barter use of an Eastman Kodak 8x10 for a weekend or week. I'm just not that good with the software (I'm on a Linux platform using Darktable, Gimp, etc...)

I guess that's the hard part about web viewing. Not everyone sees the same on their monitor.

It'll be a couple of prints from this series: