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Ray Van Nes
26-Aug-2013, 11:42

After I sold the 8x10, I still had a number of 5 x7 holders and a couple of lenses that were redundant with my 4x 5. The lenses had big coverage. Hmmm. The long and short of it, is that I found a beater Seneca on ebay and picked it relatively inexpensively. It was in tough shape, the bellows were delaminating, the back track was missing and there were a million screw holes all over and some of the hardware was missing. Fortunately, fellow member, Scott Sharp had a number of Seneca parts for sale.
I replaced the bellows from Custom Bellows , filled the screw holes and made a franken-camera with the parts from Scott. I replaced the entire front standard as the one he had supplied was in much better shape. I made a new lens board carrier that now uses Linhof boards. Scott had sent a front track which is now the rear track. They are identical in dimensions,so I added pins and voila - a rear track!

It is not a museum restoration but meant to be used. I did re-paint the body and a couple of other parts with black lacquer but it is a user. It has been out in the field a number of times this year and it works well. Now if I can find a front name plate...?
Ray Van Nes

Jim Cole
26-Aug-2013, 13:25
Nice! I had the whole plate version for a couple of years and then sold it. Wish I hadn't. Enjoy the Seneca.