View Full Version : Peculiar defect in Kodak E100VS film

Lars Åke Vinberg
26-Jul-2004, 20:57
I picked up some 110 sheets of 8x10" VS and RVP here in Melbourne yesterday (E6Plus is a top-notch lab, by the way, very warm recommendations).

Some sheets of VS had peculiar defects that neither I nor the lab staff were able to explain: There was a very fine blue-white pattern of dots, different on different sheets. Examined closely, the pattern was a series of evenly spaced dots, as if a pulsating blue-white laser has shone on the film.

From reasoning we eliminated the following factors: - development (no streaks, no scratches, pattern too fine and artificial for a light leak) - X-ray (pattern was different for each affected sheet although they had been stored together, and pattern was very fine and clearly defined, far from fogging) - light leaks in camera, film holder, or change tent

The only explanation we could come up with was a factory defect.

Any ideas?

Jeff Corbett
26-Jul-2004, 21:25
Once on an extended canoe trip I got exposed 35mm slide film wet. Some advice - don't put exposed film in your pocket when you might be wading or swimming. I had no way of knowing how much water got inside the canisters, but when the film was developed 3 weeks later, part of the film was covered with multiple small light-coloured dots with a blue (Provia 100F) or magenta (Velvia) cast. The pattern was irregular, though you could probably describe the dots as "evenly spaced". Just an observation from my own experience.


Paul Moshay
27-Jul-2004, 00:08
Jeff may have something there. Did you have the film holders in zip lock bags in the fridge? If so, did you let them come to ambient temperature before taking them out of the bags and using them? Cold film, even in the holders, can have condensation on them and that could account for the spots. Paul

Lars Åke Vinberg
27-Jul-2004, 00:49
Hmm, too bad I cannot scan the film now. To clarify:

Part of the pattern is a series of extremely small dots, evenly spaced in a line, where every second dot is larger. This pattern is difficult to see with the naked eye.

Joakim Ahnfelt
27-Jul-2004, 15:10
I think it's those aliens again. Trying to tell you something. Contact NASA and Hollywood at once!

Andre Noble
27-Jul-2004, 18:16
Static electricity from pulling the darkslide out too fast?

Pete Caluori
27-Jul-2004, 19:38
Sorry to hear of your problem with E100VS, but I suggest you contact Kodak, when you get the opportunity and they can probably give you a better idea of what has occurred.

I had a problem with some Tmax 100 Readyloads, which Kodak admitted to be a manufacturing defect and they more than made good on it.

Regards, Pete

Ed Long
6-Oct-2004, 11:13