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Robert Musgjerd
26-Jul-2004, 20:28
looking for used shutters I tried Grimes any ideas? I need to shutter up a 24" artar thanks much

John Kasaian
26-Jul-2004, 21:28
Robert, SK Grimes' website has a handy table of which shutters can be made to fit what lens. I think www.pgsys.com Photographic Systems, has some No.5 Ilex shutters for sale in the $250 range. Good Luck!

Jim Galli
27-Jul-2004, 09:11
The tried and true approach (and also the cheapest) is to just put a Packard behind it. The old packards are great for just about anything you're thinking of doing with a 24" lens. 14 3/4" and 20" Caltars of the late 1960's are the usual sacrificial lambs. Many have given up their #5 Ilex shutters for Artar's. Watch for them on Ebay. I sold a 375 in a good #5 a few months ago for $265. The lens was rough and that's about the going rate for one of the shutters in good shape. Even with a good shutter you'll be paying a machinist to make bushings of the right length to adapt the RD glass groups to each side of the shutter keeping the diaphragm in the same relative place as the one in the barrel was. I have a masochistic side of me that enjoys being laughed at by folks with digicams while I set up some anachronism and make a photograph timed by ear while squeezing a rubber bulb.

Robert Musgjerd
27-Jul-2004, 20:23
Thanks it looks like a packard is the way to go