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23-Aug-2013, 13:01
Due to an embarrassingly boneheaded maneuver that I'd rather not disclose in public, I'm in need of some shutter cleaning. I know many people used to use Flutot's - are they still in business? What other options are there? Can Copal shutters (new or used) be purchased somewhere if the damage is too bad?

Dan Fromm
23-Aug-2013, 13:14
Yes Copal shutters can be bought. https://www.badgergraphic.com/store/cart.php?m=product_list&c=164 , http://www.skgrimes.com/products/new-copal-shutters/standardcopals New ones are a lot more expensive than they used to be.

Carol Miller (Flutot's) seems to be backed up severely. But contact her anyway, and tell her what you did to your shutter or shutters.

There are other repair people. Paul Ebel has been recommended highly.

There are used shutters too. It may pay to buy an unloved lens in the shutter you need and toss the cells, but be prepared for a CLA.

23-Aug-2013, 13:14
I just try to send a camera for a shutter CLA and she indicated that she was not taking any camera at this stage.

23-Aug-2013, 13:58
Rarely see referrals to SK Grimes.


Any experience here?

23-Aug-2013, 14:05
I'm almost afraid to ask, but do you need shutter REPAIR or shutter CLEANING... or both?

Another option is Steve Choi of Steve's Camera Repair in Culver City CA. He has done cleaning for me and while not the most inexpensive of the options mentioned above, he is well trained, reliable, proven, and relatively quick in his turnaround.

Dan Fromm
23-Aug-2013, 15:08
Rarely see referrals to SK Grimes.


Any experience here?They're very capable, not the least expensive.

David Lindquist
23-Aug-2013, 16:54
They're very capable, not the least expensive.

I've used SK Grimes for some years now for Compurs, Compounds and Ilex shutters. (All of which were older than my Copals which I'm sure will need work one of these days too). I've been very satisfied. So they are a known quantity to me now and I'm not really inclined to shop around for a lower price. Having said this, http://www.henrypaine.com , Henry Paine is much closer to me and a couple of my friends have had good experience with him working on their Nikon F in one case and on their digital DSLR in another. Henry's website shows that he does work on view camera lens shutters too and he has machine shop capabilities. I don't know that Henry's prices are less than SK Grimes. If I got paranoid about entrusting something to UPS I could hand deliver it to Henry.

N Dhananjay
23-Aug-2013, 18:21
Another vote for S K Grimes. They've taken care of my shutters for many years - very capable and efficient. Cheers, DJ

Carsten Wolff
26-Aug-2013, 00:16
Luc, I thought Carol only does central-shutters (sent without glass), not whole cameras anyway. Turn-around time has usu. been 1-2 months. Excellent work though! S.K. Grimes are also superb and a good call if you need something modified/made at the same time.

26-Aug-2013, 06:03
Rarely see referrals to SK Grimes.


Any experience here?

Recently overhauled a shutter and cleaned hazy glass.
Excellent job.

As someone else said, they are not the least expensive, but highly qualified.