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jesus blazquez martinez
26-Jul-2004, 06:43
Hello: I would like to know where i can buy a 5x7 extension back to my tachihara 45gf. i live in Spain but I could buy it in U.S.A. Best regards. jesus

26-Jul-2004, 08:01
Your best bet is probably Badger Graphic Sales. If he doesn't carry it he'll certainly see if he can get it for you.


Hope this helps.

luis prado
30-Jul-2004, 03:44
any pictures in the web of tachihara 5x7 extension back?

Jean-Louis Llech
30-Jul-2004, 05:22
what is this extension back ?
I know reducing backs from 5x7" to 4x5", or from 8x10" to 5x7", but how can you extend a 4x5" format in 5x7" (Sorry if my question is stupid) ??????

If you need more informations, or if you want to buy it, ask Andre Mouton (TAOS PHOTOGRAPHIC) who imports and sells Tachihara cameras in France, or have a look at the store of the french website "Galerie Photo" (With both you can of course pay in euros).
André Mouton is located in the south of France, in Castelnaudary (Aude) near the spanish border.
Here is the Galerie Photo store. (http://www.galerie-photo.net/)
The mail of André Mouton is : taos [at] wanadoo [dot] fr.
(For spam protection, substitue the usual characters for the "at" and the "dot").
His phone is +

jesus blazquez martinez
30-Jul-2004, 06:19
jean louis : i have never seen one but i know that this extension back exists, i heard in large format page about it. a extension back permits use 5x7 film in a 4x5 tachihara camera with some limits .

Jean-Louis Llech
30-Jul-2004, 07:08
you are right, this gizmo really exists.
On the Large format website, have a look to the page of the Tachihara review. (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/tachihara.html)
Then go to "The 4x5 Tachihara as a 5x7 camera", and read the drawbacks...

If you need one, try to call or mail to André Mouton in France.