View Full Version : Mounting 360/14in Apo Ronar in copal 3s

Sven Schroder
25-Jul-2004, 12:33
Greatings , I have a 360/14 in Apo Ronar serial number 874***7 (so about 1973) I'd like to shutter/ have shuttered.

1 Firstly is it a straight fit into a copal 3s, the front and rear groups (elements) have threads of 56mm, what about the spacing?

2 If it requires any spaceing to match the barrel I will need the likes of S.K Grimes, Does anyone know of firms in the UK carrying out this kind of work. ( Europe as well please)

Of course if it goes in as sweetly as my G-Clarons and Componons I will do the work myself, I would life to know before I search for the shutter so thanks in advance.


Ernest Purdum
25-Jul-2004, 17:59
The Copal #3 takes 62mm cells and the #3S 61mm, so your cells will not be a direct fit.

Although the use of a specialist firm would be desirable, making adapters to mount your cells would not be beyond the skill of a good general machinist. You might talk to some local people. In one respect, you are in better shape than those of in in the United States. Many shops here would not want the job because they are not equipped to conveniently cut metric threads. The whole world is out of step except us.

Since the working angle of the Apo-Ronar is relatively narrow (about 48 degrees) front-mounting it to a Compound #5, or possibly even a #4, might be a feasible, and more economical, alternative. It wouldn't be the equivalent of mounting it onto a Copal, but it might serve your needs.

Robert A. Zeichner
25-Jul-2004, 18:20
Just prior to his death, I did have Steve Grimes mount a 14" Apo Ronar into a Ilex 4 shutter. Steve made a second set of aperture markings for some existing 150mm Tessar cells that I got with a similar shutter plus a couple of nice lens caps. The whole project came out very well and the Apo-Ronar is a wonderful lens. My only disappointment is the weight of the combination. The Ilex shutters are a little cluncky when compared to the Copals, but as long as you time the speeds (recommended for any shutter) and they appear to be consistant, just mark the adjusted (actual) speeds on your lens board and shoot with confidence. Just some other ideas to think about.

Sven Schroder
26-Jul-2004, 18:03
Thank you for your replies, the threads I was refering to were the front and back threads as the "mounting thread" of 62mm and 61mm respectivly are for the retaining ring see info on copals at S.K. Grimes

COPAL spec. #3 #3s

front thread M58-0.75 M56-0.75 (these ones)

back thread M58-0.75 M56-0.75 (and these ones)

mount thread M62-0.75 M61-0.75 (not these ones)

Also looking further on Paul Butzi's informative site I found that the 360/14in was offered in a copal 3, and a 360/14in Apo Ronar is on ebay remounted in a Copal 3 the seller is one fimilar to me "M.W Classics". So It's looking increasingly possible, I've re-checked my threads and they match the 3s. What about True coverage of the Apo Ronars using it in the Barrel I have no complaints. A seller on Ebay stated a 360/14in would tip just over the edges of 11x14 and thereby plenty of movements on 8x10. Is this a myth I only have my Gandolfi precision (8x10 + lots of rise) to test it. Thanks again sven