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gary bridges
24-Jul-2004, 19:01
I am thinking about buying a Calumet Cadet 4x5 camera. I would like some opinions as to whether or not any of you would recommend it

Ralph Barker
24-Jul-2004, 19:18
It would help to know what types of work you plan to use the camera for, Gary.

Ernest Purdum
24-Jul-2004, 20:05
I haven't used one, but it looks to me like very good value for the money, especially when Calumet puts it up on sale as they seem to do fairly often. Calumet's history of supporting their earlier products is reassuring, too.

If this is to be your first view camera, it has the movements that are needed to give you a good introduction to view camera use. As I recall, however, the shorter lens they package with it is rather restricted. The longer one, though, would give you worthwhile experience if you want to buy the camera as a package.

Andre Noble
24-Jul-2004, 20:08
No, I would much rather recommend a Toyo 45C in mint condition off Ebay.

John D Gerndt
24-Jul-2004, 20:11

Perhaps if you restate your question as: "Who among you have used this camera and do you recommend it as a good value?"

Product reviews for new equipment are available on the web and I am sure this camera was reviewed in the photo magazines when it first hit the market - I read one and remember it as saying it was indeed a good value. That said, a used camera of this sort is going to save you quite a bit of money and there are many to be had.


Chris Gittins
24-Jul-2004, 22:40
I started out with a Cadet. I think I paid $300 for it used but in near mint condition from Calumet 2+ years ago - camera only, no lens or other accessories. It seemed like a pretty good deal at the time, but knowing what I know now I'd probably look for a Super Graphic if I was looking to buy a starter camera in that price range. (For reference, I shoot mostly landscapes but also some tabletop still lives.) The Cadet was okay - plenty of movement, good for indoor work, but a bit wobbly in the field. The focusing mechanism leaves a bit to be desired, but it was functional. If you decide you like large format my guess is you'd want to replace the Cadet before too long.


Alan Davenport
25-Jul-2004, 10:51
(Unabashed plug follows)

I think a much better choice would be the Calumet 540 which I listed some months back. http://w7apd.home.comcast.net/temp/cal540net.htm

Still available. Price reduced.

steve simmons
26-Jul-2004, 18:28
View Camera magazine as several articles in their Free Articles section that might be hepful


You need to decide what you want to photograph and what range of lenses you will be using before deciding on a camera.

steve simmons