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Bill L.
24-Jul-2004, 17:01
Hi All,

I have a Schneider Angulon 120mm lens in a Synchro-Compur #1 shutter. I'm thinking about getting a Shen-Hao, which would require a new lens board. The shutter has a locking screw which sits in a small hole in the current lens board adjacent to the main #1 size hole on the board. Do I need this locking screw? It would be easier to remove the screw from the shutter than to have to drill a second hole for the locking screw in a new lens board. IIRC, losing the locking screw will not harm the function of the shutter, but I couldn't find anything confirming that on searching the site.

Thanks! Bill

David G. Gagnon
24-Jul-2004, 18:36

You recall correctly. Remove it with no worries about the shutter's operation. I've removed mine at the advice of others, but I've taped it on the back side of the lensboard for safe keeping. If I decide to sell the lens and someone wants to lock it in place, they'll be able to.

Have fun!


Ernest Purdum
24-Jul-2004, 20:12
It isn't needed for operation, but it does securely keep the lens from twisting out of proper position. If you anticipate difficulty in drilling a hole, you can use a needle file to make a small notch to accomodate the tiny screw. That's quite easy to do and these days appropriate files are readily available and cheap.

Bill L.
25-Jul-2004, 06:42
Thanks! I'll give it a try without the locking screw, and if it isn't stable enough, I can always drill the hole.