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20-Aug-2013, 09:52
I just got a Fuji Fujinon SWD 90mm f/5.6-f/64 without a lens board. I have a Sinar F2. What kind of lens board do I need?



20-Aug-2013, 10:38
Mario, in case you or others reading this thread do not know the procedure to mount a lens, I will outline the steps here...

Step 1: look at the shutter which should have printed on it something like "Copal 0" or "Copal 1" or whatever.

Step 2: purchase a lens board for your brand of camera (Sinar) with a hole that matches the Copal number from Step 1. (local dealer, eBay, etc.)

Step 3: if you do not have one, purchase a Lens Wrench so you will be able to properly tighten the nut that holds the lens in place when you install it on the board. (eBay about US $15 to $30)
The lens wrench that I purchased recently:

Step 4: when you receive the board, carefully unscrew the back half of the lens in as dust-free an environment that you can find.

Step 5: unscrew the lens retaining ring that should be screwed onto the back of the shutter then set it aside along with the rear half of the lens.

Step 6: insert the front half of the lens though the hole in the lens board.

Step 7: screw the lens retaining ring (a.k.a. jam nut) onto the back of the shutter that is sticking through the hole. Some rings have a small lip or ridge; if so, make sure the lip is facing toward the front of the lens.

Step 8: use the lens wrench to very firmly tighten the retaining ring using two of the gaps cut in it for this purpose.

Step 9: gently! use an air puffer to clean any dust that might have settled on the lens components. DO NOT use an air blaster that can damage the quite delicate aperture blades!

Step 10: gently screw on the back half of the lens then give it a bit of extra energy to make sure it does not unscrew itself over time.

I had to use these steps recently to mount some lenses on my Crown Graphic and Cambo lens boards so thought I would put it out here while the procedure is still fresh in my mind.

20-Aug-2013, 10:43
Also... some vendors indicate the hole size in mm rahter than Copal shutter size number. That is likely a Nr 0 shutter, with a hole size of 35mm.

See the table onthis page, specifically the row "lensboard hole ":


20-Aug-2013, 15:55
I have that same lens. It's an outstanding lens, with an image circle of 236mm.

It's in a Copal #0 shutter, which requires a 34.8mm hole in the lensboard.

- Leigh